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Glioblastoma („Glioblastoma multiforme“) is an aggressive type of brain tumor for which there is currently no cure and which usually results in death within a few months of diagnosis. Glioblastomas are the most frequently diagnosed form of malignant brain tumors among adults.

Statistically, the survival time of glioblastoma patients amounts on average to 12-14 months after diagnosis, but it can be also considerably higher in individual cases. Final cause of death is due to the space-occupied by the lesion, as well as the tumor-related accumulation of fluid in the brain tissue, which places excessive pressure on vitally important regions of the brain.

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The Anni Hofmann Foundation exclusively supports medical research on glioblastoma.
It aims to explore the body’s own ways of defending itself against malignancies and stabilizing healthy cell generation.

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Dr. Harald Wack

No state should or can take care of everything! It is the task of those in a society who can create things to do exactly this, i.e. “to make the world a better place”. Due to the Pareto principle, it is always the niche diseases that are not combated. The Anni Hofmann Foundation is making its contribution to changing this for those affected by glioblastoma, with the long-term goal of defeating this disease. That’s what we stand for!

Prof. Dr. Katrin Lamszus

The research and development of effective therapies for glioblastoma still have to overcome many hurdles because the tumor cells have their own special biology. Gathering the mosaic pieces for this is a big challenge. Every small component and every funding for this mosaic helps the global research community to understand this complex disease and to combat it effectively.

Vorstand Anni Hofmann Stiftung

Dr. Michael Breyer

Scientific progress and innovative approaches in medicine are unthinkable without support from private foundations. This is particularly true when researching new and alternative treatment options for complex diseases such as glioblastoma. The Anni Hofmann Foundation has been making a significant contribution to providing glioblastoma patients with better prospects of recovery.

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